Coming out of Summer, hopefully your plant fronds are in tip-top shape. The warmer, lighter months will have seen your plants grow bigger and stronger, giving you that proud plant-parent feeling. However, as Autumn begins, there is no time to bask in the glory of your thriving plant-children. To avoid picture-book scenes of dry, lifeless Autumn leaves covering the ground, we are giving you our Top Autumn Tips for Plant Survival. We'll even give you some suggestions for plants who are particularly strong through the Autumn months.



Similar to us, our plants' thirst will decrease as the weather gets cooler. Therefore, watering will be required less frequently and should only occur when the top 3cm of potting mix is dry. On top of potentially drowning your plant-child (terrible parenting!), overwatering in the cooler months can lead to unwelcome guests, fungus and gnats. Yuck!



As much as it can be tempting to want to watch your plant-children continue their growth, Autumn is not the time to be force-feeding them. After a tiring Summer of impressing you, flexing their new leaf muscles, it's time to give your plant a rest and allow them to transition to their natural dormant stage during the cooler months. Like any child with a pushy parent, they're bound to push back if you are too harsh on them, so slow down on the fertiliser to avoid burnt roots. 



As the number of hours of light decrease and the position of the sun changes, you must be proactive and seek the best spot to allow your plants to thrive. Consider placing them near a window where they can soak in the rays and rotate them regularly to ensure an even tan.. uhh I mean even growth and sunlight exposure. Avoid placing your plants where they will receive draughts from opening windows and doors, as the change in air temperature may send them into shock! No need to fear if your plants do drop the odd leaf, just give them a helping hand in removing the fallen limb, to ensure they still look lush and stylish to impress their fellow plant fronds. 



To cope with the passing of Summer, we recommend sprucing up your plant-family with some members who thrive in the Autumn months. The Sansevieria Hahnii and Sansevieria Moonshine are both varieties which will be great assets in these months. These guys will look after you, producing oxygen and removing toxins from the air which otherwise accumulate in the months when your windows are often closed. 

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We hope that with these tips and suggestions, your plant-family thrives through the Autumn months. We have made these goods plants, online and easy to order. View all our plant babies here to find the perfect plant companion! 



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