So you want to be a green thumb? You may not have been born one but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn their secrets! Listen up aspiring, greenies!  

It’s fairly simple - there are three key elements to keep your plants happy and healthy… light, water and yummy, yummy food.

Shine baby, Shine:

Different plants require different amounts of sunlight. Plants generally like full-sun, part-sun or shade. Look at care instructions for your specific plant and strategically pick its new home to give your new plant-baby its best chance. If your plant starts bending towards the light, it generally means it’s wanting some more of that Vitamin D. Consider its location or rotate it so it grows more evenly. The more serious plant parents might even like to rotate their plant 45 degrees every day.

Drink up, Buttercup:

Like humans, plants can’t survive without water – too much it can drown, too little it can dehydrate. If a plant wilts, it often means lack of watering but sometimes it may wilt if you have overwatered – a bit confusing, huh? Best thing to do if you have a wilty plant, check its plants moisture level to see if it needs more or less of that sacred H2O. Finding that sweet spot will keep the leaves perky and give you smiles.

One simple indicator is to use your finger as your water testing tool (push finger in lightly and pull it out). You’ll be able to get a good indication of moisture and coolness. Want more specific (or fool-proof!), check out our Moisture Meters. This tool measures water levels at your baby’s roots to check it is thirsty or happily doing its thing!

Eat baby, Eat:

We love food, so do plants. Everything in moderation, huh? Plants also like a mix - they need a fertiliser that has a range of nutrients. If you have bought a fertiliser for your plant babies, please refer to the instructions on your specific product. It’s handy to remember, when the plant is actively growing during the warmer months, it needs a bit more food and water. During the slow growing season (cooler winter months) your plant doesn’t eat as much (no extra winter layer of fat for these babies).

Always follow your Care Cards for your plants, to give your new best friend the TLC it deserves and to help adjust to its new home.