Why Peace Lily’s (Spathiphyllum) made our core range – interview with horticulturist Paul Plant (yes, that’s his real name!)

Tell us…why are Peace Lily’s a timeless favourite?

Paul: Spaths (or Peace Lily's) are seasoned veterans. They’ve proven themselves over decades, if not hundreds of years, as a reliable, hardy and resilient plant. Peace Lilys are happy chilling in the courtyards of a palace to the city-slicker apartment. Also, there beautiful white flowers never fail to impress.

Give me your favourite care tip for a Peace Lily.

Paul: Water is the secret. Too little and it will wilt…but if you see it wilting, there’s still time! Get it some more water ASAP. This plant will forgive you and perk its leaves up again…stat. No time for grudges around here. 

Where is your favourite place to put your new Peace Lily?:

Paul: Mine sits at the centre of my dining table. I have another beside my TV and one next to my office desk at home. These plants are happy pretty much anywhere.

Any last tips for those at home?:

Paul: Wipe the leaves at least once a month! It’s important to keep your spath clean and fresh. I know other gardeners clean their Peace Lily’s leaves with horticultural grade oil, but some water from your tap is suitable or you’re feeling fancy, filtered water will also do the trick.

There are lots of different varieties out there… if you could have any Spathiphyllum, which one would it be?

Paul: Spathiphyllum Picasso is on my list because of its stunningly beautiful variegated leaves. They truly look like a piece of art!