Step aside Easter Bunny...
(enter George) George of the Jungle!


This Easter we are going to share with you George of the Jungle's favourite selection of Easter Jungle Plants. Come swinging with us on this journey through George's Jungle as he makes some suggestions for you to add to your Indoor Jungle this Easter. Hang around to find out more... 




Every indoor jungle needs a Queen right?! With her cascading and densely packed together leaves, both you and the kids will be glad the Queen of the Jungle came into your Indoor Easter Jungle this year. Our Pothos Snow Queen will challenge the kids with some new hiding spots for your Annual Easter Egg Hunt or will just provide some greenery to brighten up the space for when your guests come to lunch. Either way she is sure to impress!




Just like the Queen of the jungle, you can't be in a jungle that doesn't have an Elephant (or in our case Elephant Ears!). "George please don't call me Dumbo - it's cliche and frankly, a little bit mean". George will need to steer clear of our Elephant Ears this Easter as we're not so animal friendly. However add me to your indoor jungle this Easter - the kids will love having an Elephant around the house.




Want to add some exoticness into your indoor jungle this Easter? Then go straight for our Giant Bird of Paradise. Just like our Queen & Elephant Ears she is a beauty that will stand out from the crowd and raise eyebrows as your guests sit at your Easter lunch table eyeing off your Easter Indoor Jungle. Oh and if the Easter Bunny somehow makes his way into your home then this Giant Bird of Paradise is animal friendly too.



To add some instant tropical vibes into your Easter Indoor Jungle, George is swinging from frond to frond in our Bamboo Parlor Palm! This tropical palm is one of the most resilient of indoor plants which makes this perfect for Easter. George (and the Easter Bunny... maybe) will have a whole lot of fun in your indoor jungle this Easter!




The rose between the thorns in your Easter Indoor Jungle is our Calathea Jungle Rose (not that your Indoor Jungle has any thorns but we are just saying!). If George had to pick a favourite then we think this would be it. Just add me to your jungle and I will stand out from the crowd in all my glory!


We hope you've enjoyed travelling through George's suggestions for creating the perfect Indoor Plant Jungle this Easter. Still not sure which plant to order? Check out our Plant Match Quiz to find your perfect plant frond.   



As you can tell, your plant babies are going to have a big role to play this Easter. We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for decorating and gifting. For more ideas, View all our plant babies here to find the perfect plant companion! 



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