Unfortunately, in some states lock-down is back, and this winter may not be what we thought it was, but that’s okay! While online shopping and Netflix can fill the time, there are many ways to enjoy the colder months while in lock down. Keep reading to find out how you enjoy this winter inside! 

Pick up a new Hobby!

With more time on your hands this winter there's no excuse to not start a new hobby! Now is the perfect time to get your hands dirty and become a green thumb, and you can easily with our indoor plants! We offer a great range of indoor plants so you can become a gardening guru from the comfort of your own home. Click here to see our new range.  

Not feeling too confident? We have you covered with our easy grow kits and moisture meters so plant parenthood is made simple. 

Become a Home Décor Expert! 

Been wanting to do that home reno but never had the time? Now is the perfect time to freshen up your home. Greenery is a great way to bring warmth from the outdoors in this quarantine. Our gorgeous Ficus Bambino is a great way to add something more petite to your place. For something a little bigger we suggest placing a Lady Palm in the corner of your living room or dining room.  

To take your home décor that one step further, keep your plant pal stylish in one of our artisan potsHead over to our Instagram for more home décor inspo 

So How Can You Get Your Hands on These Guys?

We’ve made it simple so you can have your new plant pals in no time! With our easy sign up and pay process you can assure your new plant baby will be on its way and at your store step. It’s that easy!