Are you looking for pet-friendly plants online? Here at The Good Plant Co ware lovers of both plants and pets! We wanted compile a list of our best pet friendly plants so you can have both your plant and fur babies happily co-exist under the same roof! Keep reading to find the right plant-pet match! 

Spider Plant

Kickstarting our list is the Spider PlantThis new addition to our plant tribe loves the sun, the tropics and your furry felines! With its beautiful leafy arms, we can assure this guy will be a great centerpiece in your living room or home office. 

String of Pearls 

You will be clutching your pearls when you see how well your pet-mate and this plant-mate get along! Our String of Pearls while delicate in appearance, enjoys sun-baking with your pet palsThis succulent unlike your furry friends, is low maintenance, so you have more time to indulge in other passions... ahem Netflix... 

Giant Birds of Paradise 

Add to your flock with our Giant Birds of Paradise! This magnificent wonder was made to reside in your sunny living room. With its long feather like leaves we can assure your bird bestie will be jealous but impressedMuch like our petsthis plant loves attention so don’t forget to water and feed him regularly. 

Ficus Bambino 

New puppy? Have both frond and fur bambinos in your home this winter with our Ficus BambinoWhile this guy is the little brother to our famous Fiddle Leaf Fig, he deserves his own spotlight. While being a great frond to animalsthe ficus bambino fits perfectly into the kitchen or in your bedroom. He looks even better in our Jardin Terrazzo Pot 

Baby Rubber Plant  

Lastly for those of you who love cuddling up with your fur babies indoorsthe Baby Rubber Plant (Albo-Marginata) is calling your name! This small character is an introvert and lives inside. They are low maintenance and will keep you and your pet company! 

There’s More 

These are only a select few of our top pet plant picks! Check out the rest of our pet-friendly range here. 

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