So you've decided to bite the bullet and start growing your own urban jungle! It's an exciting feeling looking through all the fun and unique plants you can get and all the different ways you can style them. However if you own a fury friend you might have to do a little bit of research before committing to that new plant frond of yours! 

Did you know that some plants can be toxic for pets and cause a range of different issues from an upset stomach to even a trip to the vet emergency room! In this blog we will be discussing all the different types of plants that won't cause your little fury friend an upset stomach! 

Parlor Palm

Although some of the plants we've listed below are highly toxic to pets if ingested, some plants will only cause a minor upset stomach if ingested by your pet. We always recommend doing your research before buying one of our green fronds to make sure what plants are safe and which aren't. That being said if you are planning of having the plant in a spot where your pet won't have the opportunity to have a nibble on it, than you can choose one of our plants that are considered "Mostly Safe". Tips to care for your lady parlour palm

Pet friendly Alternatives! 

With so many different choices and so many different styles of plants, we've created a list of pet friendly plants that are great alternatives to other popular plants that aren't so pet friendly. 

Bamboo Parlor Palm instead of the Fiddle Leaf Fig

So you want to get a Fiddle Leaf Fig? We get it, being one of the most popular plants why would you not want one! However, these do pose a potential risk to your pets as they could cause digestive upset if ingested. A great alternative is the Bamboo Parlor Palm! These can grow just as big if not bigger than a Fiddle Leaf Fig and look great in any room, and most importantly they're totally pet friendly. So even if your fury little friend decides to take a nibble on it, they'll be totally safe.  

Bamboo Parlor Palm

 Your new Bamboo Parlor Palm is here!

Chinese Money Plant instead of Devil's Ivy

Devil's Ivy is a great starter plant and super easy to take care of, its actually one of our favourite plants! However this little ivy could potentially turn your pet's stomach into the devil, as they can cause digestive upset. A great alternative is the Chinese Money Plant, as its also a super low maintenance plant that doesn't need much attention. It's unique leaf shape and its ability to grow in all shapes makes it a great alternative. 

Chinese Money Plant

Your new Chinese Money Plant is here!

Baby Rubber Plant instead of the Happy Plant

Although the Happy Plant's name makes it sound like it'll be a friendly companion to your pets, but in reality it'll make them far from happy. The Happy Plant is one of the more toxic plants and if digested by any pet could cause some serious problems! However, the baby rubber plant is a great alternative for the happy plant, and it's actually easier to take care of! The Variegated Baby Rubber Plant is a great little plant that will look good in any room. 

Baby Rubber Plant

Your new Variegated Baby Rubber Plant is here! 

Raindrop Peperomia instead of the Brids Nest Fern

If you're looking for a smaller pet friendly alternative than we absolutely recommend the Raindrop Peperomia instead of the Bird's Nest Fern! Although the Birds Nest Fern could potentially upset your pet's stomach if ingested, it's always better to take the safe option, and if your pet decided to munch on one of these raindrops, you'll know that they'll be totally fine! 

Raindrop Peperomia

Your new Raindrop Peperomia is here! 

Bromeliad instead of the Burgundy Rubber Tree

If a little bit of colour is what your looking for, than you better do your research before diving into one of these snazzy and sophisticated plants! If you're thinking of indulging in the Burgundy Rubber Tree, this could cause problems for your pets as these are highly toxic to most animals! However, not to worry! The Bromeliad is a great alternative for these and they still have that rich dark colour that we all know and love! 

Bromeliad Indoor Plant in White Pot

Your new Bromeliad is here! 


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As you can tell, your plant babies are going to have a big role to play this Easter. We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for decorating and gifting. For more ideas, View all our plant babies here to find the perfect plant companion!

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