Ahh school holidays... Once again you find yourself stuck at home for two weeks with your human children. Quickly you are reminded, these human children really are not as easy to care for as your plant children. These are some of our suggestions for keeping the kids (and you) entertained with indoor plants this holidays. 


Teach Them About Indoor Plant Care


If these human children are going to one day raise a plant empire to compete with yours, they are going to need to know a thing or two about indoor plant care. Teach them the basics about raising a plant, including appropriate watering, placing the plants in sufficient light for them to grow and how these requirements differ from plant to plant. We suggest you give the kids a spray bottle to avoid over-watering. Just be careful they don't turn it on each other! 


Give Them Responsibility 

The best way to make kids care about looking after indoor plants is to give them ownership and responsibility of their own. Include watering their plant in their daily chores and encourage them to monitor the progress of their plant. We suggest choosing a more resilient species of plant, such as a Manda Succulent so as not to damage the confidence of this potentially neglectful young plant enthusiast. The kids will also love the Spider Plant, as they will be able to watch the growth of its baby spiderettes. If they treat their plant well, they might even have to learn about re-potting next school holidays!


The Good Plant Co. Colouring In

If you still need something for the kids to do once they've ticked these activities off, we've got you covered. Nothing screams 'school holidays' quite like some old-fashioned colouring in. We've created The Good Plant Co. colouring in sheet for the kids to channel their inner (Spathiphyllum) Picasso. You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE. Don't forget to tag us in your photos of your planty school holiday activities! 

We hope these suggestion will help you get through this school holidays. Still not sure which plant to order? Check out our Plant Match Quiz to find your perfect plant frond.   



We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for sharing your love of indoor plants with your kids. For more ideas, View all our plant babies here to find the perfect plant companion! 


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