Have you ever decided to look for a new plant but don't know where to start? Maybe you've had a couple of plants already and you just can't keep them alive no matter how hard you try? Well we think its time to start consulting the stars! Comparing your zodiac sign to some plant fronds is a great way to match up your personality and character with your next leafy companion. Plant gift giving guide. We've come up with a list of the best plants for each zodiac sign to help better understand your ideal plant.  

Aries - Ficus Audrey

The Aries star sign features traits similar to their fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius. Aries is a passionate, motivated and confident leader who builds community with their cheerful disposition and determination. That's why the Ficus Audrey is the perfect match for an Aries, Audrey's are a bold plant that always lead the way for other plants, it'll draw attention right away in your home whilst still being a fairly easy plant to take care of. Aries are persistent and won't be saying no to this Audrey. Shop room Spaces


Taurus - Burgundy Rubber Tree

 The Taurus tar sign have traits that represent intelligent, dependable, hardworking, dedicated and of course, stubborn. The Taurus is an earth sign which means they can see things from a grounded, practical and realistic perspective. The Burgundy Rubber Tree represent these traits perfectly as the Rubber plant is as stubborn as a Taurus! Being a dedicated and dependent plant, this makes it a perfect match for the Taurus's out there! 

Rubber Tree

Gemini - Philodendron Birkin 

 Gemini's are known for being adaptive, they can juggle a variety of different passions, hobbies, careers and friend groups. They also have the most energy out of anyone! This adaptive personality and crazy energy is exactly why the Philodendron Birkin is a perfect match for a Gemini. The Philodendron Birkin is always adapting to it's environment and is always giving off those good vibes that all Gemini's have.

Philodendron Birkin

Cancer - Chinese Money Plant

Cancer plant parents are sentimental beings who lead with their heart before their head. Their traits include being super caring, loyal and protective, which is why the Chinese Money Plant is a perfect match for the Cancer star sign. The Chinese Money Plant is a symbol of protection and caring and is thought to bring good luck to its plant owners. Although it won't grow money for you, the Chinese Money Plant will thrive with you.

Chinese Money Plant

 Leo - Monstera Deliciosa 

If you could describe a plant that is always the centre of attention, the first plant that everyone says is the classic Monstera Deliciosa! Which is why they are perfect for any bold Leo. They love to be confident and comfortable wherever they go. A monstera is the centre of attention in any house and it adapts to many situations, it tolerates low lighting and can survive a miss watering here and there. 


Virgo - Jungle Warrior

If you think of a plant that's tough as nails, than the jungle warrior is obviously the first one to come to mine! These little guys are hardworking and can survive anything. Which is why they are perfect for a Virgo star sign, as Virgo's are extremely hardworking people who know that there hard work pays off. The Jungle Warrior is a plant you can depend on just like a Virgo and it won't be dying anytime soon. 

Jungle Warrior

 Libra - Birds Nest Fern 

The Birds Nest Fern is a neat, compact and well balanced little plant. Just like a Libra, these little guys love to live their life in perfect weather and enjoy the peace of sitting in the sun and growing. This little guys love to look on the bright side and will thrive with any Libra looking after them, there leaves will grow nice and long in the perfectly balanced lifestyle that the Libra's have.

Birds Nest Fern

Scorpio - Calathea Jungle Rose

If you've heard anything about Scorpio's, it's most likely you've heard that there tough-minded and very determined. Once they put their mind to something you know it'll get done, and get done well. The Calathea Jungle Rose is a tough, determined little plant that shows off some amazing colours. The Calathea Jungle Rose might be a little difficult for some, but a Scorpio will have no worries keeping one of these alive. 

Jungle Rose

Sagittarius - Amazonian Elephant Ears

If you're a lover of freedom, being optimistic and humour then you're most likely a Sagittarius. You love to be spontaneous and fun and just go with the flow! That's why the exotic and unique Amazonian Elephant Ears are the plant for you. These ones are straight from the tropics and love to grow freely and be unique compared to other plants. You'll be saying peace out to every other plant once you own one of these fronds. 

Amazonian Elephant Ears

 Capricorn - Hurricane Fern

The Hurricane fern might sound like it'll cause a Hurricane in your life but in reality its actually the complete opposite. This little fern is very serious about being as care free as possible, it's also a smart little plant that helps purify your air around you. If you want a plant that's fully in control of itself, just like a Capricorn, then the Hurricane Fern is the perfect plant for you.   

Hurricane Fern

Aquarius - Pothos Snow Queen

All Aquarius are Queen's at heart, they love to be humanitarian and strive to make the world a better place. The Pothos Snow Queen is is always trying to make the world a better place whilst avoiding turning into a drama queen. This free spirited plant will thrive in the hands of an Aquarius and will slowly make the world a better place with its long cascading leaves.

Pisces - Bamboo Parlor Palm 

Pisces is a sensitive water sign, this sign is fluid and tends to be the sympathetic to the underdog. But don't be fooled! this sign is great at forgiving and even better at comforting people. The Bamboo Parlor Palm may not be able to say nice things to you, but it will forgive you when you eventually forget to water it. The Bamboo Parlour Palm is the underdog of all plants and is one not to be messed with. 

Bamboo Parlour Palm


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