Ready to give your home an extra boost? Indoor Plants are the perfect way to liven up any space in your home or office. Not only do they add vibrant colour, but studies suggest that houseplants can help reduce stress and improve air quality - making them a win-win for health-conscious people. If you're feeling adventurous, why not try one of this season's trending Indoor Plant varieties; be sure to check out our picks for inspiration!

Statement Plants

Feeling the urge to upgrade your interior design? Make a bold statement with an oversized houseplant! These beautiful tree-like Indoor Plants can grow in height of up to 2 metres or more, adding drama and elegance to high-ceilinged spaces. What's even better is these giant greens act as living artwork - making you look like an interior designer extraordinaire! If you only have one statement plant in your home or office this season, then it must be the Giant Bird of Paradise. She will bring instant tropical paradise vibes like no other!

Modern Office Plant

If you've been feeling the need to spruce up your home or office, look no further! Adding in some Indoor Plants is a great way not only to liven up the atmosphere but also kickstart those creative juices and give a boost of wellness. And don't worry - there are plenty of easy care plant species out there for all levels so green thumbs are not required here. One favourite pick this season? The Amate Umbrella: its draping leaves radiating from its centre make it an eye-catching structural feature with dark glossy foliage that can even survive in low light conditions making upkeep manageable too - now we're talking productivity game changer, the perfect modern office plant!

Easy Care Plants

Bringing nature indoors has never been easier thanks to the wide variety of easy to care for Indoor Plants that are now readily available. These easy care plants are perfect for busy individuals and plant parent beginners alike. Adding a pop of green to any space doesn't have to be hard work - meet the Sansevieria Mother In Law's Tongue (or Snake Plant). This easy care plant is ideal for anyone who wants natural beauty without all the fuss. Described as having nine lives, this beauty can survive in just about anything: low light conditions and even slightly neglected spaces are no match! So why not give your home or office an effortless upgrade with this stunningly resilient houseplant.

Indoor Outdoor Plants

As more of us choose to flourish indoors, it's becoming increasingly important for plant parents to invest in tough plants that can survive both the great outdoors and inside their homes or offices. Ready to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside? The Ficus Audrey could be just what you're looking for! A tree-like specimen, it's perfect for those who want an easy way to switch between indoor and outdoor living. Just make sure that if she's ususally indoors, don't suddenly throw her outdoors where direct sunlight will hit - ease her into the change of light instead! With proper care this hardy plant could be the ideal indoor outdoor plant in any home or office.

Tabletop Plants

Planting-pros, looking to add some sprightly greenery? Corners and edges of rooms with windows that let in ample sunshine are the ideal spots however for more daring plant enthusiasts out there - why not try an eye-catching centrepiece on your dining table? Our Syngonium Pixie is perfect for creating a bright focal point; its unique miniature leaves start off white or light green before maturing into deep emerald shades. Group them together for maximum effect - three will do!

Moody Plants

If you're looking to add a touch of drama and moodiness to your indoor space, then dark, dramatic foliage plants might be the perfect choice for you. These plants, characterised by their deep green or black leaves, can create a sense of depth and richness in a room, making them a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their home or office. Add a splash of drama to your indoor oasis with the regal Amazonian Elephant Ears! Boasting deep green leaves and opulent whitish or light-green veins, this stunning staple will provide your space with extra depth - adding an almost purple-green hue that is sure to turn heads.

All these mentioned plants are beautiful, easy-to-grow, and beneficial to keep in your homes or offices. They will not only bring life and greenery into your lives but will also improve air quality and provide a sense of calm and peace.

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