Father’s Day is around the corner and nothing says 'thanks, Dad', like a new plant pal! If you can't think beyond the socks and jocks, we're here to help you find some new pairs (the plant kind) for your old man! 


Kickstarting the list is our gorgeous Swiss Cheese plant! Does dad fancy himself an amateur sommelier? Like a Pinot Noir with a Gruyere, the Swiss Cheese Plant pairs perfectly with any dads who are a foodies at heart. 



Does your dad (for some weird reason) enjoy all things creepy crawly?! Why not pick up our Spider Plant! Its' long fronds, (sometimes with baby spiderettes) make the perfect centrepiece. This plant is also easy for your dad to maintainespecially if he's busy gardening or trying to fix something that isn’t broken... again... 


For all the single dads! He doesn't need to waste his time swiping, if you gift him with our magnificent Lady Palm! She is easy to maintain and makes great company. She only needs a few refreshments in summer and some natural filtered light.  


Does your dad prefer to participate in sports from the comfort of the couch? Give him a plant that will keep him company, in his man cave with our Rojo Congo!  Let him be the sports 'aficionado' that he is, relaxing inside with the Rojo Congo who also doesn't mind a bit of shade.  Don’t fret, the Rojo doesn’t require too much attention, so your dad can be distracted with the rugby while keeping his plant-baby happy! 


Lastly, our Manda Succulent is a great gift for those busy fathers out there. Whether pops is busy at work or prefers a low maintenance plantthe Manda is for him! This succulent makes a great desk pal (AKA personal assistant) for your dad’s study, especially when in our Jardin Terrazzo Pot. Since this plant is a succulent, they don’t require much water, so he can pretty much ignore it, just like those work emails...


Which plant did you choose for your dad? We hope we gave you some inspo for a memorable Father’s Day gift this year and an easy online gift optionIf you didn’t find the perfect plant match, check out our full range here. 



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