What and When is World Environment Day? 

World Environment Day is an international day of environmental awareness and action that happens of the 5th of June every year. This day was started in 1974 by the United Nations to help raise awareness about environment conservation and preservation of ecosystems. World Environment Day is hosted in a different country each year with events that focus around a central theme, this year it will be hosted in Pakistan with the main focus being "Ecosystem Restoration". 

Reimagine. Recreate. Restore. That is what this years World Environment Day is calling for. Since we can't go back to the days were the world was a much greener place, its time to start imagining what the future will look like and start to recreate the clean, healthy ecosystems the earth once housed. 

World Environment Day


How You Can Get Involved! 

Since this year's theme is ecosystem restoration, we are going to be focusing on how we can protect and preserve Australian Ecosystem's as well as the ecosystem that's in your local area. Believe it or not but there are plenty of fun activities that you and the family can take part in to help boost mother nature back to life, such as planting more trees, cleaning up riverbanks and just giving nature space to bloom! 

Plant Native Australian Flora Bees! 

Everyone knows about the ongoing problems with the bee population and how it is dramatically affecting our ecosystem. Making sure bee's have plenty of their favourite flowers and plants really helps build there population back up as well as keeps our little bee friend's healthy and happy! Planting some native plants such as abelias, bottlebrushes and honey myrtle will help bee's find a safe and happy home!

Honey Myrtle


Plant More Trees 

Planting more trees is one of the best long term solutions to help boost ecosystems and improve our beautiful country! Planting more trees in your local area can help improve your local ecosystem and improve a number of different factors including increase in air quality, wildlife and the overall beauty of your local area. Did you know that some of our "indoor trees" can actually be planted outside! Plants such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig and the Ficus Audrey can actually thrive in outdoor conditions as well. 

Planting Trees 

Beach Clean up 

The ocean is one of the worst area's affected by rubbish, especially plastics! These are incredibly harmful to the unique and endangered ocean wildlife and can cause great damage to their ecosystems. Cleaning up your local beach and picking up any plastics that are buried in the sand and will give the wildlife a stronger change of living a long, happy life!

Beach Clean Up


Make Compost!  

Believe it or not but making compost is a great way to help improve your ecosystem. This all natural nutrient-rich soil is perfect for any land that is being gardened or farmed. It also helps turn food scraps that would usually just go to waste into yummy food for plants and gardens! 



Changing Behaviour 

One of the best ways to start with ecosystem restoration is took take a look at yourself and your own actions. Changing your behaviours and starting to make environmentally friendly choices is one of the best and easiest ways to help improve our ecosystems. Buying sustainable products that support the environment rather than harming it is a great start. Walking instead of driving is another easy way to do your part in helping the environment. Once you change these behaviours you can help influence others in doing the same, the more people who get involved the greater affect these actions will have! 

House Plants! 

Surprise surprise! House plants are on this list. House plants are great for your local ecosystems as they cleanse the air around you and create oxygen and even in some cases create food for bugs to eat! House plants are a great way to help improve your indoor space as well as teach you how to look after plants in general! 

House Plants


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