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Sansevieria Hahnii Green



My name might sound like a spell from Harry Potter, so you know I’ll be sure to weave my magic on you! I’m a tough guy, so can handle a bit of neglect but will thrive with some lovin’. Being an indoor plant succulent, don't forget, water is a ‘sometimes’ food.


Product Information

Sansevieria Trifasciata
Sansevieria Hahnii Green

Native distribution

Western Africa.

Key attributes

A compact succulent popular as an indoor plant. This plant is incredibly tough and can tolerant a high level of neglect but does much better with a little TLC. The dark, glossy leaves are funnel shaped and form a rosette of lush succulent leaves with horizontal grey-green variegation. Pups are produced from the base of the mother plant.

  • Bright, indirect, filtered sunlight.
  • Water sparingly, soil to be almost dry.
  • Not so pet friendly.

Your new Sansevieria Hahnii comes in three sizes and could grow up to approximately 30cm in height.

Small: 5-10cm in height. Planted in a 118mm black nursery pot.

Medium: 10-15cm in height. Planted in a 140mm black nursery pot.

Large: 15-20cm in height. Planted in a 200mm black nursery pot.

Care mode

Easy plant to care for and grow! Requires bright, indirect filtered sunlight. Although tolerant of low water, leaves may brown or die off if dry for too long. Each leaf stays on the plant for a long time so avoid any damage to leaves as they develop. Fertilise in warmer months.

Feeding your indoor plants

To get the best out of your indoor plants, you will need to feed them some food. The Good Plant Co Indoor Plant Food will provide all the nutrients they need to grow more leaves and help them stay strong. When the plant is actively growing during the warmer months, it needs a bit more food and water. During the slow growing season (cooler winter months) your plant doesn’t eat or drink as much (no extra winter layer of fat for these babies). Sometimes it’s ok to be a helicopter parent – respond to your plant’s needs. To keep the dust off your beautiful indoor plant leaves use The Good Plant Co Leaf Shine. Moral of the story, if it is growing new leaves then it will need more water and food!

We take great care in growing, packaging, and shipping your new plants so they’re ready to thrive in your home. This includes keeping them safe while they travel from our wholesale nursery to your doorstep.

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