Thank your employees with more than a JBHI-FI gift-voucher you bought at Woolies. Rather, give them something they'll enjoy; yep we're talking plants. Not only do plants make for unique work gifts, but workplace accessories as well. Plants are proven to boost your mood, reduce stress and and improve air quality, so it's a no brainer to have some of these guys hanging around the office.



So, you've picked out a selection of plants for your staff, although maybe you have a few employees who are working from home or stuck in isolation; not a problem! We specialise in sending plant-pals across the country, so gift-giving can be that much easier. 

How will they know who it's from? Don't fret, your employee won't be questioning if their neighbor or secret admirer is sending them plants! During our easy checkout process, you can write a message so they know it's from you.



If you have a few people in the office you need to buy for, not a worry. We've hand-picked some of our budget friendly best-sellers your colleagues will love. Our Mistletoe Cactus, String of Dolphins and Baby Rubber Plant all make for low-budget gifts that are also super, duper trendy. Keep their plant stylish in a Jardin Terrazzo Pot. We know who will be winning the best boss award!



Want to freshen up your office space? Whether you want to re-vamp your home office or need something else to look at while on the clock (Those sterile lights and ceilings tiles just won't cut it) we have chosen some plants for you! The Swiss Cheese Vine is an office staple, as he likes to grow long and tall. Place him against a window or perhaps in-front of that dreaded filing cabinet so you are 'unfortunately' unable to access it...

We also recommend our ZZ Plant, Spider Plant, Rogo Congo and Elephant Ears. All these guys are low maintenance and can tolerate medium light, so you can have some company in those dreary work cubicles.



If you're looking to really wow your staff or need some 'employee of the month' inspo, we have some ideas up our sleeve! We suggest gifting a Alocasia Zebrina or Syngonium Neon to name a few. These plants are rare finds that are also affordable. We can assure employee of the month will be highly desired!



Give the gift that your workers can use whenever they want, a gift-card! We keep all our customers in mind, even the dis-organised... Just kidding! They do make a fabulous last minute gift though... You can give an amazing gift and they can pick the products they like! Win-win



Forget the flowers and opt for plants! Order your next gift online today, it’s that easy. Check out our full range here. People are picky so we also do Gift Cards... 



Watch our easy guide on how to become the best plant parent you can. Head over to our YouTube to get started. Your plants will thank you, we promise.