Christmas Day is sneaking closer and you're stilling trying to look for those final few gifts for the fam. Let us lend you a helping frond and give you a tour of our top plant picks for those special family members...well some of them.



Rather than the same old socks and jocks opt for plants and pots! We're not sure how committed your dad will be to his new plant-child so we recommend sending him a ZZ Plant! This guy is known for his ties to his African ancestors, indestructibility, and impeccable style. With this little guy, your dad can enjoy some beers on Christmas day while also knowing his plant-pal is relaxing. 



If you and your siblings have left the nest, your mum is babying the dog or she's been talking a bit too much about grandchildren, we have the perfect gift in mind. Send your mum a Syngonium Neon, a.k.a the cutest and most gorgeous little plant that she can nurture! We probably don't need to tell you because you're mum will already know, but the syngonium loves a drink or two and prefers to sit near a warm window. This plant is basically a gift for your dad... 



Whether she's older or younger she's still annoying and will still take your clothes, not speaking from experience or anything... For Christmas you can both put the pitchforks aside and enjoy each other's (and plant) company. We recommend picking up a String of Pearls for your sister as they're not only cheaper than real pearls, but a gift they can grow with. PS, they stay shinier with Neem Oil



A plant...for him? Yep! Trust us he will actually like it. If your brother is not a plant-addict yet, use a Christmas gift to try and turn him to the dark side (well, technically light side). Give him a Snake Plant or Manda Succulent so he can dip his toes into the plant lifestyle. These guys are super low maintenance and can tolerate medium light, in other words, they are man-cave suitable.



We all have that one aunty, she's quirky, has a lot to say and loves a glass or two. Okay maybe that's just us, but we're sure we're not alone.  Send your aunt a copy of Little Book, Big Plants this year! It's an easy way to say 'Merry Christmas', while also not being stuck in a conversation about politics.



Bamboo Parlor Palm

Even your fury little friends can enjoy a lovely green frond for them to hang around with! Treat your pet right this year and get them this lovely Bamboo Parlor Palm! Obviously this is pet safe so if they do have a little nibble at it they won't get sick! Your pets will love the company of this palm and will feel like they're exploring a jungle when around it! 




Give the gift that your family can use whenever they want, a gift-card! Orders made today may not be delivered before Christmas, but we do offer a last minute gift for the dis-organised... or if you're simply too scared to face a Westfield shopping center at this time of year... We do gift cards! You can give an amazing gift and the fam can pick the products they like! Win-win.


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