Our purpose is simple, to make you ecstatically happy via Indoor Plants. We know the heartache of having a mini good-for-the-city-and-not-much-else car and not being able to transport three friends, let alone a plant. That's why we've put all of our energy into delivery good quality plants and pots to good quality people - like you!

When you buy indoor plants online from The Good Plant Co, they are not only conveniently delivered to your door but are being shipped directly from our greenhouse. This means that your new Indoor Plant frond will arrive happy, healthy, and thriving.

Most Indoor Plants you buy from a garden centre, or any other retailer are almost always purchased from another nursery, transported to their destination site then passed around between staff and customers before you find them, and they finally arrive home with you (what a journey!). Buying indoor plants online is not only easier, but it’s also better for the health of the plant.

The Good Plant Co difference is obvious. Straight from our greenhouse to your doorstep, our plants are healthy and ready for any room in your home!

We are a family owned business that have been in the nursery and plant industry for over ten years. As backyards get smaller and high-rises get taller we saw a need for happy, healthy room-ready plants straight to your door.

The Good Plant Co Green House


At The Good Plant Co, we love plants - like obsessed. Plants make us happier, healthier, nicer**, more efficient and boost our creativity. Even our eyes rest easier, looking at green plants. Why wouldn't you love them? **not scientifically proven, but we think so!


Your plant’s journey is a priority for us, and we want to ensure that it arrives safely to you. Each plant is hand selected from our greenhouse. Every leaf of your plant is inspected and diligently wiped clean, carefully boxed, and will be sent with the pot you have ordered. If you have only ordered the plant, it will be sent in its black plastic pot. The boxes we use match the size of the plant you have ordered. Minimal waste and environmentally friendly packaging are also a priority for us. All the materials we use in the packing are biodegradable or can be recycled. 

We're Growers Not Showers Part 1

Our plants leave our nursery in South East Queensland with enough water to last its journey to its new home. We also use coir fibre, which is a natural fibre from the husk of a coconut and is totally biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It also helps to hold in the extra moisture to the plant when it leaves our nursery and is a super cute addition to your new plant (you can use it to prop your plant up in its pot or nestle around it to add some more aesthetic appeal). Your plant will also come with a fact sheet – so be sure to keep your eyes out for this!

We're Growers not Showers part 2

When your new plant frond arrives at your home, it is happy and healthy, and has only spent minimal time in transit. In addition to the convenience, remember plants purchased from The Good Plant Co arrive room-ready which means all you need to do is unbox them, then find that perfect spot in your home for them to reside.

Indoor Plants in Bedroom on Bedside Table at The Good Plant Co


We offer a range of both trending and timeless indoor plants that make not only perfect plants for your home but also make great gifts. Whether you're looking for a gift for yourself, a gift for another or a gift for a client or work colleague, we have it all!

At The Good Plant Co we don't just offer good plants, we also offer good service. If you or a frond are struggling to decide what plants would suit multiple areas within a space, you can book in a consultation with our friendly staff for advice on what would be best. 


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