Are you a plant lover who can't function without your daily dose of caffeine? Well, we've got the perfect combo for you - pairing indoor plants with coffee! Not only will this brighten up your space, but it will also add a touch of green to your coffee routine. Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge your extravagant coffee order, we will leave that to your local barista... So, grab a beverage of choice, relax, and find your match.  



You’re a sweetheart, but you’re indecisive. You like coffee, but not that much. You prefer transition months like Autumn and Spring. Basically, you’re the middle, but that’s okay! Our Monstera Deliciosa is your perfect match. He needs water and sunlight, but not that much. You can be a plant-expert one day and plant-amateur the next.



You’re excitable and claim to be a coffee addict, although we know you just secretly like ice cream. Your frappuccino usually makes a daily appearance on your Instagram story. It’s important okay! We have you covered with our the aesthetically pleasing, Burgundy Rubber Tree. This plant will blend in with your frap-filled feed with its gorgeous neutral leaves, while also being totally maintainable.  


Yes, we said three espressos. You’re always on the go and a busy bee. You have been awake since last week but it’s fine, it’s so, so fine. You are in luck as we have picked our ZZ Plant that will suit your hectic lifestyle. Whilst the name implies you actually catch some Z's, we can assure you will have enough time to maintain a plant and keep your busy schedule. The ZZ is almost indestructible, with minimal water and care needed. Give him the occasional drink and the ZZ flourishes in solitude!



Didn’t find your indoor plant match? View our full range here so you can find your next indoor plant-soul-mate.     


Watch our easy guide on how to become the best indoor plant parent you can. Head over to our YouTube to get started. Your indoor plants will thank you, we promise.