Tea leaves aren’t the only way to reveal our secretsThe way we like our coffee says a lot about who we are (okay, not really but it's fun). To celebrate, what could be considered the best day of the year, International Coffee Day, we have taken the initiative to show you coffee drinkers what your perfect indoor plant pair would be!

Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge your extravagant coffee order, we will leave that to your local barista... So, grab a beverage of choice, relax, and find your match. 


Kicking off our list is the classic Cappuccino. You’re warm hearted, appreciate the simple things in life, but do enjoy fun in whatever you do. The Hurricane Fern is a classic, yet stylish house plant. This little guy may be small, but he has some flair. With moderate light and watering, we can assure you two will be chilling out together in no time. 


Yes, we said three espressos. You’re always on the go and a busy bee. You have been awake since last week but it’s fine, it’s so, so fine. You are in luck as we have picked our ZZ Plant that will suit your hectic lifestyle. Whilst the name implies you actually catch some Z's, we can assure you will have enough time to maintain a plant and keep your busy schedule. The ZZ is almost indestructible, with minimal water and care needed. Give him the occasional drink and the ZZ flourishes in solitude!


Burgundy Rubber Tree

You’re excitable and claim to be a coffee addict, although we know you just secretly like ice cream. Your frappuccino usually makes a daily appearance on your Instagram story. It’s important okay! We have you covered with our the aesthetically pleasing, Burgundy Rubber Tree. This plant will blend in with your frap-filled feed with its gorgeous neutral leaves, while also being totally maintainable. 


You enjoy making decisions, taking charge, yet you love working with others. You are a leader and not a follower (especially of changes in the weather). We have matched you with the String of Pearls. This indoor plant will be by your side all year round with some in-direct sunlight and simple TLC. Welcome these pearls to your plant-pack today. 


Monstera Deliciosa

Lastly, we have our latte. You’re a sweetheart, but you’re indecisive. You like coffee, but not that muchYou prefer transition months like Autumn and Spring. Basically, you’re the middle, but that’s okay! Our Monstera Deliciosa is your perfect match. He needs water and sunlight, but not that much. You can be a plant-expert one day and plant-amateur the next. 


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Watch our easy guide on how to become the best indoor plant parent you can. Head over to our YouTube to get started. Your indoor plants will thank you, we promise.