Is it possible to name a better combination then Indoor Plants and Coffee? (we can't think of any!)

Often, our favourite plants and favourite beans grow not far from one another, originating from the same country.

Look for your favourite origin bean or blend below and find the plant that also calls this country home.


The Good Plant Co Collaboration with Merlo Coffee for Giveaway

Like Merlo Colombian beans, our Swiss Cheese Vine is highly sought after. This plant thrives in the Colombian and wider South American tropics. It is exotic like the fruity bean flavours of the Merlo Colombian beans, and like this bean, well its unique. It’s beautiful yet unusual leaf perforation and form sets this indoor plant apart from others. This plant will be sure to bring a small piece of the Colombian rainforests to your home.


The Good Plant Co Collaboration with Merlo Coffee for Giveaway

The Merlo Riviera blend offers a mix of Kenyan and Colombian beans, an African and Colombian duo. What better pairing, than a plant that is native to both areas, South Africa and South America. Our Mistletoe Cactus is so cute you could give it a kiss instead! Despite its tropical origins, this plant is part of a cacti family, so it only needs light watering and a shady spot. If like your coffee you can’t decide between bringing a piece of South Africa or South America home, our Mistletoe Cactus carries characteristics of both.


The Good Plant Co Collaboration with Merlo Coffee for Giveaway

Zuri is a blend showcasing the beautiful flavors of Africa, an exquisite balance of Ethiopian, Rwandan, Zambian and Kenyan beans.

The name Zuri translates to “beautiful” in Swahili, and what better way to translate this than through the pointed green leaves and white stripes of our African Haworthia Spider White succulent.

Papua New Guinea

The Good Plant Co Collaboration with Merlo Coffee for Giveaway

The Merlo PNG is an origin bean that is deliciously sweet and warm, a gentle honey flavour followed with a chocolate aftertaste, it will be sure to suit all different taste buds, an overall people pleaser. Our Alocasia Frydek will be sure to also aesthetically please everyone’s eye. Its gentle and soft leaves are velvety to touch while its tropical body represents commonalities with native Asian fauna.


The Good Plant Co Collaboration with Merlo Coffee for Giveaway

For those bean lovers who opt for Merlo's locally sourced Australian blend, there’s no need to stray too far from home with our Ficus Yellow Gem. On the outside green, but on the inside a true blue beauty. This is the perfect indoor plant for you. Pair our Ficus Yellow Gem with the earthy and warm acidity of the Merlo Australian Blend today.


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