It's that time of year again! Time to show your mum that she is the absolute best. Whether she's a mum of kids, pets or plants. Mum's around the country deserve the be showered in kindness and love, and what better way to do that than with some nice greenery for her home. Obviously flowers are a great gift for mum, but we think that a nice plant is the way to go.  

Mother's Day Image 

Plants are a great gift for mum for so many reasons. They look great, they last for ages (with the right care of course) and there are so many different styles of plants to choose from. Whether you wanna get mum a little succulent as a small thank you, or wanna go all out and get her an entire jungle for her balcony, there will always been something there for mum.

 Mother's Day Image

We have decided to take the stress out of Mother's Day shopping! No more awkward moments where you forgot to get a card, or left the wrapping paper at the self check out. We've created our Mother's Day packs, packs that have been hand picked that are full of goodies that your mum will love! View our collection of Mother's Day packs here.

 Mother's Day Bundle

These packs are full of love and kindness that your mum will love! With a few different packs to choose from featuring a classic plant and pot combo, a little book and a Happy Mother's Day Card (no more forgetting the card this year). We love these bundles and can assure you that your mum will love them as well. 

We hope that this help figure out what you're going to get mum this Mother's Day! Still not sure which plant to order? Check out our Plant Match Quiz to find your perfect plant frond.   


 We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for decorating and gifting. For more ideas. View all our plant babies here to find the perfect plant companion! 


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