So, you’ve just placed your order with The Good Plant Co and you are looking out your window every minute to see if it has arrived yet. While you are waiting, we make sure that we set up you and your plant baby for success. Below are some simple facts for what to do when your indoor plant arrives to ensure you both get off to a great start.
Keep an eye on the weather. We know that Australia’s weather is sometimes (*always) unpredictable, so we want to ensure that your plant arrives in the best condition it can. We package it up safely to avoid the plant from breakages while it's en route to you! However, we can’t always control for the weather. If the weather has taken a change and it is unusually cold or hot, or another weather event is at play we will ensure to send it the following day or leave it in an area that is protected on your doorstep. If you are home on the day it arrives – even better.
Boxing up your plant. We hand pick your plant at our beautiful sunny nursery. Our roots go way back baby, so we know what a good plant or two look like. We then bring your plant to our packing shed and wipe down those lovely lush leaves. We will wet some coconut fibre and put this on top of the plant to keep it moist during its travels. An inner box is placed around the plant and it is fitted into its shipping box. We then place a brace around it to ensure it won’t move around too much. The last step in packaging up your plant baby is closing the box with our happiness delivered tape and sending out to you! 
Unboxing your plant. Try and keep your box upright as specified as you don’t want to open your plant upside down. Cut the tape along the top, bottom and side and open up to see your new plant inside. You can remove the coconut fibre if you please or leave it as decoration. Just ensure to remove it from the top when watering. Also be sure to read the care card given to you to know all the facts about your new plant baby.
The Pot. Be sure to not water your pot inside this lovely decorative pot. Keep an eye out for our upcoming green guide for how to water your plant correctly.  
We hope you enjoy and love your indoor plant as much as we do!