How to actually make your kids to their homework…and do it well. Every parent understands the endless struggle of asking your child to do their homework. The lack of motivation, ‘fuzzy’ brain, general tiredness…we get it. However, we have a green solution for you that will do your childs 2020 school report a favour.

Indoor plants have been shown to have a positive impact on your child’s working memory and subsequently their study overall. The University of Exeter conducted a study that found people who spend at least two hours a week in green spaces reported higher cognitive function and better health compared to their cabin fever friends. This study highlights that plants can actually help individuals get rid of that ‘fuzzy’ brain feeling and keep them feeling fresh and clean. Not to mention – you can also keep that air of yours clean because we all know plants improve air quality. In fact, the Peace Lily is on the top of NASA’s list.

Another study in the US has brought to light the academic benefits of having indoor plants in your room. The study showed that having a few indoor plants in your space improves memory retention by 20%!  We know what you’re thinking…these plants truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

The indoor plants not only have academic benefits, but they can help reduce anxiety levels. We all know those butterflies in our stomachs become out of control around exam period – so help your child out and pop a plant onto their desk. Children also appear to feel a natural sense of relief from anxiety when in a room or space filled with indoor plants.

So, what better way to kick start your child’s exam preparation, than to buy them a foliage friend!

Thank you to our friend Lauren for this gorgeous photo, with her happy, kids and our happy Elephant Ears!