Who doesn't love an interior design/lifestyle Instagram page? We've been stalking one of our favourites, @ourlittleabode for a while now and Elisha, from Our Little Abode, has been generous enough to spend some time with us, answering our burning design questions!

We are so excited to get some insight from you today as a talented mother of four. You have an absolutely stunning home! What inspired you to pursue interiors? 
Thanks for having me here! Growing up my mother was very creative and taught me the basics of creating a beautiful and curated home. I used to love repainting and changing up my bedroom regularly - I loved the challenge of creating new designs and there was also something therapeutic about it. But it was when I purchased my first home in my mid-twenties that my love for renovating and interiors really took off. As a creative, I love the challenge of creating beautiful spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. 

What is the number one mistake we make when decorating? 

That's a hard one as there can be so many! I think one of the biggest mistakes is a lack of planning. These days there is so much inspiration available at our fingertips and the process of creating a mood board whether it be physically or digitally is invaluable. 

By creating a mood board you can start to tell a story and find the pieces that will work cohesively in the space. Take the time to get it right and don't rush into it or you could end up purchasing items under impulse which inevitably won't work in the space. And if you still can't pull it together yourself I highly recommend investing in an interior designer to help you bring everything together to curate a beautiful design.

Your home appears so clean and stylish considering you have a family of six! We can hardly keep the kitchen clean... We would love to get some insight on how you designed a chic, yet functional living space?

I should insert a disclaimer here! My house is rarely as clean and tidy as it looks in photos. A family of six makes a lot of mess! When it comes to living with children it is important to understand that mess is inevitable. I always like to incorporate hard wearing, easy to clean surfaces into family homes.

Think couch covers with zippers that can be thrown in the wash, stools that can be wiped down, hard flooring where spills can be wiped up easily! Getting the basics right from the beginning goes a long way in creating a space that is functional but also looks appealing.

We’re obsessed with your Hamptons style home, what indoor plants do you think work with this interior design approach? 

I love anything with classic lines - lush greenery and white flowers are a favourite. Fiddle Leaf Figs and Peace Lily's have always featured in my indoor plant repertoire. When it comes to Hamptons - tropical style plants, fiddle leaf figs and orchids all work beautifully. 

Lastly, the most important question, what is your favourite indoor plant and how would you incorporate it into your home?

My Fiddle Leaf Fig is still a favourite for its gorgeous green leaves. However, my little Ficus Tineke is a close favourite. It is so easy to look after and I love its variegated coloured leaves. When it comes to indoor plants I love to incorporate them into spaces to add a pop of greenery and freshness. I love them in living areas, sunrooms, bathrooms and offices.

Different spaces in the home will feature different levels of sunlight and will determine which plants will work best. I also love grouping plants with varying heights together in a corner. It's all about layers!


We are so grateful to have Elisha take the time out of her busy schedule and share some of her wonderful tips! Follow Elisha's Instagram here to get your dose of pretty!


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