Who doesn’t love summer? Long days, warm nights, a time to take it easy. And our houseplants love summer, too. For them—summer is the growing season. It is the time of year when the conditions are just right for ample growth. And during this time, adjusting water, light and potentially switching a plant’s scenery can help them have the best summer ever, just like you!

As the seasons change, so too do your plants’ needs. Indoor plants are affected by outdoor changes. In this blog, we’re talking about all things summer and what you can do to keep your plants happy and healthy during their growing season. Read on for our summer plant care tips and tricks.

Keep Plants Hydrated

In summer, you’ll likely be watering your houseplants more frequently than you were in autumn, winter and spring. Obvious signs like wilt, leaf curl, or wrinkles—coupled with dry soil— mean your plant needs more water. If your schedule allows, try giving them a drink early morning or evening when it's cooler so water evaporation is lower.

If your soil is drying out super quickly between waterings, you can help it retain moisture by adding rocks, mulch or coir fibre on top of the soil. 

Watering Your Indoor Plants at The Good Plant Co

Check Light Exposure

During summer, make sure to protect your houseplants from bright direct light. During the warmest parts of the day, you might consider moving your plants a little further away from the windows towards the centre of their room.

It is important to rotate your houseplants once a week, so they get sunlight on both sides. If you notice one side of the plant seems stronger than others, move it around again and make sure every part receives equal amounts of sunlight throughout the summer months.

Indoor Plants in Office at The Good Plant Co

Air Conditioners are for Humans

Houseplants are living things and prefer a relatively stable environment and temperature so it's important to keep them away from drastic changes in temperature. Air conditioner units can cause an extreme change of cold or hot air which could upset your plants! 

Don't Leave Your Plants Hangry

The growing season, early spring through late summer, is the best time to feed your houseplants. Feeding can be important for the long-term health of your plants. Let your plants grow like crazy with our Indoor Plant Food. Liquid Plant Food is the best way to feed and water your Indoor Plants. It contains all the nutrients required in one convenient formula, so you don’t need any other supplements or soil amendments. 

The Good Plant Co Indoor Plant Food

Move Plants Outdoors

It’s hard to stay indoors during the summer. Did you know that some species of houseplants can benefit from time outside? If you plan to move your plants outside for some vitamin D be sure to do this in either the morning or evening, remember, you don't want them in the sun during the hottest part of the day. Along with sunlight, keep in mind the other elements of the great outdoors: wind, rain, and unfortunately pesky plant pests. Your plants will love a bit of the summer rain but be sure to keep an eye on them outside and bring them back in of a night-time. 

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