We all know that Indoor Plants are great for making our homes feel more alive and provide some greenery to an otherwise empty space, but did you also realize they can be a fantastic addition to our health?

The recent worldwide pandemic has been both a blessing and bane to many. It's given rise (in an attempt at relief) from stress-inducing shortages of goods, but it has also created new rituals for people looking into ways on how they can keep busy during these unprecedented times!

Enter Indoor Plants (and lots of them!)

Indoor Plants don’t just look good – studies show that by adding life to our homes with greenery, we will experience a positive shift in our moods and productivity. Indoor Plants in our homes will also help us enjoy cleaner air (thanks to their ability to absorb toxins); plus, they can provide privacy against unwanted noise levels or traffic outside of your home (or office).

The Benefits of Indoor Plants in Your Home The Good Plant Co
Plants Make Us Happier
There's something about getting outside that just makes us feel better. Whether it be a walk, time spent gardening or going on vacation and spending quality family moments together; when we connect with nature our mood improves!

One of the best ways to have a happy and healthy home life is by adding Indoor Plants. Not only will plants make you feel more at peace, but research has also shown that even just brief exposure to greenery can have a calming effect and boost our spirits.

Happy doctor from HotDoc with new indoor plant

There’s something about plants and nature that makes us happier, healthier. One theory says it all comes down to our DNA having the connection to nature and living things. Philosophers have studied this connection with flora and fauna for centuries. Biologist Edward O. Wilson brought his ideas into today's society in his book entitled "Biophilia". Wilson's biophilia hypothesis suggests that all humans have an innate tendency to seek connection with other forms of life—whether it be human, nature or animal. This deep-rooted need for bonding is part of our biology.

As urban environments continue to grow, the biophilla hypothesis is becoming more and more relevant. We all have a sense of connection with nature and a happy, healthy life requires it more than ever before! Next time you find yourself scrolling through social media, try sitting outside in a park or checking on your houseplants.

Hurricane Fern indoor plant in home office

Everyone can benefit from having indoor plants inside. Not only are they proven to enhance air quality through converting carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen, plants also provide many other benefits, which is why we think they are pretty impressive!


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