We've all been there... received the most beautiful bunch of flowers and within a few days (a week if you're lucky) you're pulling out the hazmat gear and trying to stifle squeals whilst removing the brown goo that has suddenly appeared in your vase. Not the last memory you might want to send your love this Valentine's Day!

The Good Plant Co is here to help! Give the gift that keeps growing (and that won't be in the bin next week). No matter who you want to impress this Valentine's Day, trust us - they want a plant!

For the Prince or Princess in Your Life - White Princess

Pamper the Prince or Princess in your life by gifting them the lux, striking and highly sort after, Philodendron White Princess. This plant throws splashes of white variegation through their leaves which adds that wow factor to any room. Perfect for your very own royal family.

For Your Long-Time Love - Anthurium Plant

They’re your person. They’ve been with you through thick and thin, and you’re in it for the long haul. It only makes sense to give your main squeeze an Anthurium Plant. This is the perfect size plant, and it is low maintenance. Perfect for that stand-by-you boo!

For Your New Boo - Syngonium Neon

You want to show that special someone that you are theirs! Do it with our Syngonium Neon. She's a petite, pink petaled plant that just screams the perfect Valentine's Day gift. If all goes well, a few years from now you'll remember this V-Day as you place your lush Syngonium Neon on the shelf in your new place together!

For the 'Unofficial' - Mini Monstera

Are you seeing someone and want to say: 'Will you be mine?' Make things official with our Mini Monstera! The Mini Monstera also can grow big and strong just like your new relationship!

For Your Bestie - Swiss Cheese Plant

Lush, wild and dramatic, just like times you shared at uni. Let your bestie know you're thinking of them this Valentine's Day by sending them a Monstera Deliciosa (or Swiss Cheese Plant). Lush green with deep slotted leaves make the Monstera a popular favourite. It's both bold and laid-back like your bud. Plus, these are a great, ultra-easy options for your pal who isn't the most accomplished plant parent.

Don't Forget Mum - Birds Nest Fern

Remember that time she helped you perfect that Valentine's card for your grade two crush? Well, that was a lot of glitter. She deserves a little thank you. Impress her with the eye-catching foliage of the Birds Nest Fern. Lush and dramatic frilly leaves that she will love watching the fronds grow. Bonus: The Birds Nest Fern is pet-friendly, perfect for fur-mums (and dads, too!).

Still stuck?

 Take the guess work out of deciding and choose from one of our Valentine's Day gifts that we have put together (all you have to do is add to cart!). Still not sure what to get that person or only remembering on actual Valentine's Day? Our E-Gift Cards will have you covered!


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