Ficus Audrey


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Ficus Audrey


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They keep saying I’m ‘the next Fiddle-Leaf Fig’, but I don’t know about that. I just want to be Audrey. All that pressure ain’t gonna have me looking better than I already do. You know what? Actually, the life of a Fiddle-Leaf does sound pretty good... No Audrey, cut it out. All I need is a little TLC. I like to stay moist but not wet. I understand that can be complicated for some, so a little inconsistency won’t do me no harm... Unlike Mr. Fiddle.  

Product Information

Ficus Benghalensis 'Audrey'
Ficus Audrey

Native distribution

India and Pakistan.

Key attributes

This is a highly desired indoor plant that is sweeping the world – one the most sought after additions to every indoor plant fanatic. Lovely large dark green leaves are the main appeal plus the fact that this plant naturally adapts well to indoor situations.

  • Bright, indirect, filtered sunlight.
  • Water moderately, allow the top 3cm of soil to dry.
  • Not so pet friendly.

Your new Ficus Audrey comes in three sizes and if kept inside can grow up to approximately 3m in height.

Medium: 10cm-20cm tall. Planted in a 140mm black plastic nursery pot.

Large: 30cm-50cm in height. Planted in a 200mm black nursery pot.

X-Large: 50cm-70cm in height (branched). Planted in a 250mm black nursery pot.

Please note our decorative pots are sold separately.

Care mode

To many plant collectors, Audrey is easier to look after than the fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) Rotate the plant to encourage even leaf development. Leaf drop can occur if too wet or too dry so it is important to maintain a regular watering regime. To clean the leaves of this plant, use a damp cloth with a drop of dish washing liquid – avoid oil-based shine products. Audrey may occassionaly produce aerial roots which you choose to cut off or leave them for extra curiosity.

Feeding your indoor plants

To get the best out of your indoor plants, you will need to feed them some food. The Good Plant Co Indoor Plant Food will provide all the nutrients they need to grow more leaves and help them stay strong. When the plant is actively growing during the warmer months, it needs a bit more food and water. During the slow growing season (cooler winter months) your plant doesn’t eat or drink as much (no extra winter layer of fat for these babies). Sometimes it’s ok to be a helicopter parent – respond to your plant’s needs. To keep the dust off your beautiful indoor plant leaves use The Good Plant Co Leaf Shine. Moral of the story, if it is growing new leaves then it will need more water and food!

We take great care in growing, packaging, and shipping your new plants so they’re ready to thrive in your home. This includes keeping them safe while they travel from our wholesale nursery to your doorstep.

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