Indoor plants are the perfect gift for friends, family members and loved ones. We've got an amazing selection of plants that will make anyone and everyone happy! After all, our motto is #happinessdelivered!

Let’s face it, plants make the perfect gift. Plant Gifting - why you ask?
  1. Plants are the gift that keeps on giving – live plants are a thoughtful gift that will last for years. Unlike other gifts, they will only get better with time!
  2. Plants Make Us Happier – one of the best ways to have a happy and healthy home is by adding indoor plants. Not only will plants make you feel more at peace, but research has also shown that brief exposure to greenery can have a calming effect and boost spirits. 

Follow the below steps to have that perfect indoor plant gift delivered straight to that special someone's door...

Step 1: Choose Your Plant

Here at The Good Plant Co, we get that everyone is on their own, unique journey of Plant Parenthood. It doesn’t matter if you are sending a plant to a novice or die-hard plant parent, you’ll be able to find an lndoor Plant that suits every level and everything in between. In every box we include a plant care card with basic care instructions for each plant. 

Step 2: Choose Your Pot

What’s a plant without a pot to go into? We have a great selection of Pots in all different shapes, sizes, and colours to suit everyone. 

Step 3: Choose Your Accessory or Other Goodies

Take your gift to that next level of WOW by adding something from our Accessories selection. Our Indoor Plant Food and Leaf Shine are perfect accessories for your plant gifts. If you’re still wanting to add more but can’t decide? The gift of choice in the form of an E-Gift Card will make the perfect addition to the gift.

Step 4: Head to the Checkout

Congratulations, in just 3 minutes you’ve put together the perfect gift to send! Finalise your order and add in the shipping details of where you would like us to ship to and viola, done! Oh, and don’t forget to add in a personalised note or Gift Tag to show who the gift is from.

Wait, PSA! Feeling overwhelmed and want someone to decide for you? We’ve got you covered – skip the above steps and head straight to our Gift Giving page to choose from a selection of curated gifts for any occasion.

Need more convincing?

We’re specialists in making sure your plant gifts arrive safe and sound – no matter the destination. Want to see the magic firsthand? Check out our unboxing video.


Check out our Plant Match Quiz to find your perfect plant frond!

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