Give new employees a warm welcome, express appreciation to valued clients, or simply recognise your team’s hard work – with the gift that keeps on growing!

Whether you’re looking for a thank-you gift to show your appreciation or need something special when welcoming new employees into the office, plants are always guaranteed love. They will also help boost our spirits, reduce stress, and enhance our environments. All in all, they make the perfect corporate gift.

Corporate Gifting Explained

Here at The Good Plant Co we have simplified this process – let’s face it things need to be easy! If you have an order that contains 10 or more corporate gifts, your order can be processed by our corporate gifting team. Please refer to the Corporate Gifting page of our website for further details.

Corporate Gifting Made Easy

Step 1: Choose Your Plant

It doesn’t matter if you know what type of green thumb someone has; we have just about every Plant under the one roof in our greenhouse to choose from. For the desktop some of our favourites are the Baby Rubber Plant, Philodendron Birkin, Hurricane Fern or Syngonium Pixie.

Step 2: Choose Your Pot

What’s a plant in your office without a Pot? We have a great selection of pots in all different shapes, sizes and colours to suit all spaces! Have a look at our Pierre Terrazzo Pots or our Jardin Terrazzo Pots. 

Step 3: Choose Other Goodies

See anything else online that takes your fancy? Don’t just send a plant and a pot – take your awesomeness to that next level by adding something from our Accessories selection. Our Indoor Plant Food and Leaf Shine are perfect accessories for your indoor plant gifts. Otherwise we have a great range of chocolates (because what's better than plants and chocolate!).

Step 4: Where Is it Going?

We’ve got you covered. Download and complete our simple address form to ship greenery to all of your addresses, no matter where they are!

Not sure you can choose between all the plants in our selection? No problem, the gift of choice is always appreciated. Our corporate gifting team can help you order 10 or more of our E-Gift Cards at one. Simply let us know the amount of choice and this can be emailed straight through to their email.


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