How to Fill a Room with Plants 

Here at The Good Plant Co, we are all firm believers of the concept of "one more plant won't hurt will it?". We love taking in the beauty of plants of all shapes of sizes taking up residency in your home, and seeing the creativity that people come up with to fit as many plants into there space as humanly possible. But if you've never had any experience in styling plants than this process could be intimidating at first. This blog is here to discuss plant styling tips, different types of light and creative ways to fill your space with luscious green plants.

 Think Outside the Pot 
One of the biggest challenges people face when they decide to start getting house plants is where to put them? This might sound easy enough to some but for others finding space for a massive fiddle leaf is easier said than done. This is where you can be super creative with how and where you position your plants, hanging plants are a great alternative for people who have limited floor space. Shelving is also a great alternative for plants as they can be placed out of the way and can be turned into a living piece of wall art. Check out our Arden natural Rope Macrame Hanger! A great way to hang place in fun, unique spaces.

Hanging plant

 Treat Floor Plants as Furniture rather than Accessories
Larger floor plants can be an instant focus point to any living room or bedroom, the bigger the leaves the more it'll stand out! When incorporating a large floor plant into a room design its always a great idea to think of it as another piece of furniture rather than an accessory. This helps a lot when it comes to planning your room and figuring out which part of the room best suits a larger floor plant. Plants can also help with breaking up different areas in a room, if you need to divide certain sections of a room then a Large Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus Audrey are perfect dividers.  

 Floor Plant

Different Types of Light in your home

Before jumping into the wonderful world of figs, palms and ficus's, it's always a great idea to look around your space first and understand how the light filters in. This is a great way to help understand which plants will thrive in which areas around your space. Below we have made a helpful illustration that demonstrates all the types of light a plant might need.

1: Direct sunlight - this is usually on a windowsill were the sun directly hits the plant, where the plant will receive direct sunlight for most of the day.
2: Indirect sunlight - this is usually near the window said light was coming into. But the sunlight is not directly hitting the area but still leaving the area bright and warm. 
3: Medium light: This is usually towards the end of the room where the light has filtered out a bit and is less intense than the other spaces.
4: Low light: This is usually the shadows that are caused where the light cannot reach that area.

Understanding how your light filters throughout your home will make a huge difference on where you will place your plants and which plants you will decide to buy. 

Natural Light Illustration

 The Bathroom Boomers

Believe it or not but not all plants need bright rays and constant attention. Most bathrooms don't receive too much naturally light and this can be hard to keep a green frond thriving in that environment. However, some plants love low light and humidity and will be happy to live in such an environment such as the bathroom! Remember that there is a plant for any type of space throughout your home. Check out our "Room Collections" range to see what our Bathroom Collection features.  

Bathroom Plants

How many plants is too many?

How many plants is too many plants? That's the age old question that we have heard plenty of times, and although we love to say that no number of plants is too many plants, there are ideal amounts to maximise your wellness and health. Below is a list provided by the My Plant Life Balance group of the ideal amount of plants you need in relation to how big your room space is: 

3m x 3m room : 2 plants = 50% more wellbeing, 75% cleaner air
                          5 Plants = Maximum health & wellbeing 

4m x 5m room : 5 plants = 60% more wellbeing, 75% cleaner air
                          10 Plants = Maximum health & wellbeing 

8m x 8m room : 16 plants = 60% more wellbeing, 75% cleaner air
                          32 Plants = Maximum health & wellbeing 

A good thing to remember is that even just 1 plant in a room does help create a change, and that there is no set number of plants you must have for your space. Be creative as you want and add as many plants as you wish to your home! 

Plant group

 Remember to Have Fun!

Blinging out your home with house plants is all about having fun! Don't be afraid to try out some new plants and explore the world of luscious green plant fronds. And so what if one of your new plant frond's dies, its all about experience and the more hands on you get with caring for house plants, the more skills and tricks you'll learn to keep your plant fronds alive! And don't forget to tag us in your plant pics, we love to see how you've decorated your spaces! 

Plant Happiness


As you can tell, your plant babies are going to have a big role to play in your home. We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for decorating and gifting. For more ideas, View all our plant babies here to find the perfect plant companion!  


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