Moving can be stressful, and when you add in a beloved collection of Indoor Plants it can be very overwhelming. Be patient and take a deep breath. The warmer months are fast approaching which means moving house season is also coming. When moving house with your Indoor Plants, prepare for some soil spillage, broken stems, and torn leaves. It is all a part of the moving process. So, as you plan your house move, think about the special attention your Indoor Plants may need throughout the process to keep them happy! Read on for our tips and tricks to move your collection with ease. 

Tip 1 - Have a plan!

Even a minor adjustment like moving your Indoor Plants from one side of the window to the other is a big change, so a totally different space is a huge deal for them. A new home can mean new light levels, changes in humidity, airflow and temperature. For interstate moves, these changes are intensified since geographical conditions can vary so much. Having a plan can make the move go smoothly for everyone involved, including your plants. 

Moving House with your Indoor Plant Collection at The Good Plant Co

Tip 2 - Assess and prep your Indoor Plants!

Packing up to move to a new house is a great time to give away the items you no longer need, be it clothes, kitchen items or Indoor Plants! Paring down your Indoor Plant collection can be tough, but it can lighten your load while bringing happiness to others. There are a few things you can do ahead of time to make your move go more smoothly like – prune your Indoor Plants a few weeks ahead of time, give them a big drink of water a few days before the move and gather boxes, old sheets and towels in preparation for the moving day. Top-heavy Indoor Plants may need a counterbalance at the base of the pot and plants that are fragile should be repotted before making the move. Any repotting should be done at least a week before moving to avoid clumping all the stressful events close together. 

Moving House with your Indoor Plant Collection at The Good Plant Co

Tip 3 - Making the move!

If you can, it is ideal to move your Indoor Plants in the car where you can control the climate (few temperature fluctuations = less plant stress). For short distances (with small plant collections) your plants can ride on someone’s lap or popped into a box and buckled into a seat (if you have the space). For larger Indoor Plants that take up much more room, pop them into the back of your car and cover them with a lightweight sheet or towel to protect them from glaring sunlight that can scorch their foliage. For longer distances, make sure the bottom of the pot is sealed against spill and leaks and make sure that the pot isn’t prone to tipping over.  

For larger Indoor Plant collections, you might need to utilise a moving truck. Be sure to secure plants well – even if you intend to drive carefully, there’s always a chance you’ll have to slam on the brakes and you’ll be glad you took the time to pack well!

Moving House with your Indoor Plant Collection at The Good Plant Co

Tip 4 - Help your plants adjust in your new house!

Time to settle in and it’s totally normal for Indoor Plants to reduce water intake, slow down their growth and even drop a few leaves as they adjust to their new environment. Try not to intervene too much as your plants settle in and remember that some plants will take longer to adjust than others – patience is key! Keep in mind that stress and different lighting can change your Indoor Plant’s watering needs, so also check the moisture of the soil before watering rather than following your old routine. 

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