For a third year in a row, the annual Triple J Hottest 100 has got us thinking…why solely listen to the latest pop music, when you can play music that will get your indoor plants moving?! 

Let us prickle your fancy with an array of eclectic plant tunes to help get your leafy goods growing in the right direction…and no it’s not One Direction.

While there is popular debate that plants are unresponsive to external sources, there has been studies that have given us insight into the wonderful world of growing plants with music leaving us questioning this idea.

The Secret Life of Plants shines light on plants abilities beyond looking pretty and helping us breath. Like us they know how to boogie to a good tune, well some of us… and by boogie we mean grow. They do however ‘boogie’ better to certain genres of music than others. Who would have thought, the type of music and frequency that your beloved indoor plants are exposed to may actually be affecting their growth rate and production on a molecular level.

Scientific plant researcher Dorothy Retallack, experimented exposing plants to different genres of music including rock, classical and jazz and assessed their associated behaviours. Interestingly enough, she found the plants that were exposed to classical and jazz music of which embodied more calming tones, drew the plants to grow toward the direction of the speaker. Whereas the group of plants that were tuning into rock music, desperately grew away from the speaker and actually attempted to grow outside of the glass to retreat from the strong sounds. With all of this information at hand, maybe the simple fact is that plants are mellow, they love the feeling of ‘tuning out,’ sitting back and relaxing, just like we do as humans.

Plants grow to music.

Quite simply…maybe our dear indoor plants are just massive fan girls of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. Let’s get our Elephant Ears tuning into some more soothing tunes so the Swiss Cheese Plant won’t be the only showstopper at the celebration. Music for plants - who would have thought?!

With all of this in mind it makes us think…one minute we are young and vibrant and the next we are re-organising our entire party playlist so the Fiddle Leaf Fig can absorb only the best pitches, sounds and frequencies #priorities. 

Music gives us those ‘feel good’ vibes, but does it feel good for indoor plants too? There is currently no definitive conclusion to this question. While there is a grey area in terms of the genuine effects that music has on plants it couldn’t hurt introducing your plants to some soothing sounds…maybe step away from positioning your precious potted houseplant next to the speaker and cranking Thunderstruck. We think plant music is the way to go.

Let’s allow our Ficus Audrey to steal the show while being accompanied by some plant tunes to have Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s swoon even more! 

There is no need to ‘kale the vibes’ this weekend in worry that your little gems may not be able to cope with Triple J’s choices… we have created our own little Spotify playlist of the best music for plant growth. Click on our image below and scroll through our playlist. Step aside Billie Eilish, let’s pot it like it’s hot and get growing!

Spotify Our Plant Pals Hottest 100 playlist. 


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