The Peace Lily is a seasoned favourite Indoor Plant - they've proven themselves over decades, if not hundreds of years as a reliable, hardy and resilient plant. Peace Lilys are happy chilling in the courtyards of a palace to the city-slicker apartment. Also, their beautiful flowers never fail to impress! Below we are talking all things Peace Lily, read on for our tips and tricks on how to care for you Peace Lily.

Tip 1 - Water Moderately

The Peace Lily may be an all time favourite but water is the secret. Too little and it will wilt... but if you see it wilting, there's still time! Get it some more water ASAP. This houseplant will forgive you and perk its leaves up again in no time. No time for grudges around here!

Peace Lily in Jardin Terrazzo Pot Pink at The Good Plant Co

Tip 2 - Light

Your Peace Lily will do best in bright, indirect filtered light and can adapt and tolerate lower lighting conditions. Too much bright light will burn the leaves and too little light and your Peace Lily will not product any flowers and leaf growth will slow.

Tip 3 - Grow Baby Grow

Don't let your Peace Lily get hangry! Use our Indoor Plant Food every 4 to 6 weeks during the spring and summer months in addition to watering every week. 

Tip 4 - Temperature and Humidity

The Peace Lily is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature so be sure to keep away from drafty areas and open vents. They also prefer a humid environment so rooms like your bathroom or laundry are favourable.

Tip 5 - Time to put 'clean' into your routine

Okay so we know it’s hard to keep your living room clean, but your Peace Lily also loves a light bath every now and then! To keep those lush fronds fresh, clean them once a week with a damp cloth to remove any dust, dirt or bugs. To keep your plant extra extra pristine use some of our Leaf Shine so their fronds stay shiny and nourished.  

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