Our real pals and plant pals are not that different! Some like the sun, others are friendly with pets and a few enjoy a balanced diet of fertiliser and mulch! Okay... maybe they are a bit different, but we can assure you there is a plant match for every one of your friends.  

We are going to give you the rundown on the perfect indoor plant pal for your bestie!   

The Summer Lover 
Alocasia Zebrina

We all know that friend who loves the heat, so why not give them a plant buddy who shares that same love?! The Alocasia Zebrina is a warm-weathered plant who loves basking in that filtered light. To get ready for the warmer months, this little guy is a good plant gift for your sunny friend. 

The Stylish and Sophisticated 

The Ficus Yellow Gem is best suited for your stylishyet ‘dramatic’ friend. This plant, while on the smaller side, makes a statement and loves attention!    

The Hurricane Fern will perfectly pair with your outgoing and chaotic’ friend. This fern requires minimal maintenance so your buddy can keep up with their hectic social life, whilst still being able to come home to their beautiful plant baby. 

The Relaxed Lady 
Bamboo Palor

Looking for something a little more stylish? Pick up this beautiful Bamboo Parlor Palm for that sophisticated and organised friend! The Bamboo Parlor can get a bit thirsty during the summer months so your friend and their new plant pal will both enjoy an afternoon drink, whether it be water or rosé... 

How To Order Online 

As you can tell our plants and friends have more in common that you’d think. So we have made these goods plants, online and easy to order. Your friend will love you more than they already do! Click on any of these plant pics to get started! 

Didn’t find a plant you think they would love? View all our plant babies here to find their perfect plant companion! 

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