Have your very own (plant) zombie in your home? With Halloween around the corner, we thought we’d (trick-or) treat you with some handy hints on how to bring your plant back from the grave. 

So whether you forgot to water your plant-pal because you had a busy week at work, or you were just binge-watching Gossip Girl, keep on reading. 


The first step to resurrecting your plant is re-potting. Don't let your plants get stuck in their old ways. Give your plant the old 'Fixer-Upper' treatment and upgrade their home to a bigger pot than their last. Don’t forget to use some high-quality indoor plant potting mix to really kick start your plant’s growth. 


Getting in the spirit of Halloween? Chanel Dr Jekyll and pop your gloves on and snip back those brown leaves and roots. When trimming, be careful not to overdo it and only snip the brown part of the browning leaves. Trimming back leaves is important so the plant doesn't put its energy into damaged leaves. When trimming, we recommend using our Barebones Scissors for a nice, clean cut! 


 Check out our Hurricane Fern on The Block 
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We may not be able to travel, but youplant can! If your plant is in too much sun or not enough, move them around your home. If you’re unsure, check their leaves. If they look brittle with patches, this may indicate your plant has been sunbathing for too long. On the other hand, if their leaves are small and pale in colour, your baby might need need some Vitamin D. They won’t mind the change of scenery, trust us!  

If you have a spare sunny spot in your home, why not opt for a sun loving plant like the Dracaena Golden Heart or a Manda Succulent. 



This tip may be obvious, but water is key! You don’t want to dehydrate or flood your plant, so if the leaves are brittle and soil is dry, make your plant-pal a drink. If the soil is damp, leave it be!  

You can tell if your plant has had too many drinks if there is mould and rot on their roots... They may have a plant-hangover but nothing that some TLC can’t fix! If you are prone to plant-neglectit’s okay! Pick up one of our most indestructible, yet adorable plants, the ZZ Plant.


Reviving your plant also means feeding them. We aren’t the only ones who like a snack, and our plant buddies are also foodies, except they prefer some plant food over a Bacon and Egg McMuffin after a big night...  Use our delicious plant fertiliser to give your baby a nutrient boost.  


We hope these tips helped and you and your plant zombie enjoy Halloween! Looking for a new plant? View our full collection here!


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