Ho ho ho, silly season has arrived and we couldn't be more excited! This time of year means the tree is going up, your parents think they're five-star chefs and freshly wrapped prezzies wait under the tree. Wait... presents...you may need some of those...

Do you buy the same old gifts you do every year? MYER beauty set for mum, champs for your work pal and some socks for Dad? No! This year's Christmas will look a bit different thanks to our trusty pal, COVID-19. You may as well spice up those Chrissy gifts too!

Do not fret on what to get. We are here to give you the low down on the best gifts you can send this Christmas for each special person in your life. Keep reading, we're sure you're in need of some inspo.



This gift is for your mum, and is the most important one to give (atleast to her). Our Swiss Cheese Plant and Vine are crowd pleasers among mums, especially since their gorgeous leaves are one of a kind. Send the Swiss Cheese in a Pink Terrazzo Pot and we can assure you will be the favourite child. Well, second favourite, the first will be her new plant-baby...



Work Secret Santa won't cut it for this friend and you want to get them something to show you care! Forget the wine and give them something they'll truly love, the gorgeous Ficus Yellow Gem. This plant makes for the best desk buddy and is easy to maintain, so when they're busy re-paying you with coffee for such an awesome gift, their plant will be relaxing. We recommend potting this guy in a Charcoal Jardin Terrazzo pot so they can stay stylish this summer.




This gift has to be important since your best friend is basically your second spouse. You may not have the funds to buy them a real Hermès Birkin, but you can get them the plant version instead. The Phildendren Birkin, much like their distant leather cousin, is a trendy, rare plant, making it even more of a special gift. Throw in a Medium Grow Kit so your pal can keep their new 'Birkin' lush!



Surprise your lover something special this year and give the gift that keeps on growing! Pick up a Mistletoe Cactus for your partner this Christmas, as it's not only a cute little plant but also easy for them to maintain, unlike the laundry... Send this cactus over in a White Terrazzo Pot for extra brownie points!



Okay so not everyone has the ability to support a plant-baby, but still want to appreciate the beauty that is plants! Not a worry, send over a copy of Plantopedia or Little Book of Big Plants! This way your plant-negligence pal can have a taste of the plant-life, yet won't have to worry about keeping one alive. Psst. these artsy books also make for amazing coffee table accessories.



Last but not least, your sibling! They have been there through your highs and lows, you've bickered and had arguments over who gets to watch the TV but you love them deep, deep, deeeeeep down. Settle that sibling rivalry with a peace token, our Peace Lily Romano. Yes, it's punny, yet a fab prezzie. This glorious plant has lush leaves and loves to sunbathe in summer. If you're feeling extra nice, pop in some Neem Oil so they can keep those fronds shiny! 



Plants! Orders made today may not be delivered before Christmas, but we do offer a last minute gift for the dis-organised... or if you're simply too scared to face a Westfield shopping center at this time of year... We do gift cards! You can give an amazing gift and the receiver can pick the products they like! Win-win.



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