We're famous now! *Ahem* Okay, not really but it's close enough for us. Our plant-pals have made their acting debut on Channel Nine's 'The Block'. Our plants journeyed to Melbourne to participate in this year's The Block, adding stunning greenery to the contestants homes!


Our plants stole the show (in our opinion) in many of the contestants rooms and truly showed their versatility as plant-babies and decor pieces. Keep reading to see our star-plants show off their fabulous fronds.


Our Hurricane Fern was used many times throughout The Block! Especially by contestants Daniel, Jade and Luke and Jasmine. If you consider your style to be Minimalist Chic or Scandinavian, take note! Just like The Blockheads, pop him in a Jardin Pot in White on you coffee table, pop some artsy books (get yourself a gorgeous one here) and a few candles and you have yourself a designer living room!


And a lady she was! Her elegant fronds kept Sarah and George's studio looking fresh and sophisticated. The Lady Palm works a treat to also hide any of those unattractive (yet necessary), aspects of a home, such as power outlets, air-conditioning vents and those ghastly tangled cords! Simply, pop her in a Pierre Terrazzo pot in Grey and nestle her in-front of that thing you want to hide. Viola! 


 Not ready for the plant-parent lifestyle, yet want to still be stylish? No problemo! Dip your toes in the water with the Manda Succulent. Some of the contestants used this lil guy in their backyard. Plant a few of these succulents in a Small Terrazzo Pot, so you can spruce up your home, whilst not having to worry if you watered them this week! 


No, he wasn't found in the kitchen, but rather this Monstera was hanging out in Jimmy and Tam's bathroom. His large fronds are the perfect addition to any bathroom or hallway so you can really feel like you're in a jungle! Pop him in one our decorative pots to make him really shine.


The Burgundy Rubber Tree was spotted in Harry and Tash's studio! Re-create the look by adding a Rubber Tree in a cozy corner or next to your TV console. Make your plant more comfortable by dressing them up in one of our Jardin Pots!


This plant may not be Dumbo but our Elephant Ears sure does have that wow-factor! As seen through The Blockheads backyards, this plant is the perfect boho chic accessory you need.


Well, that was quite the list and we can't blame the contestants for featuring these guys in their perfectly curated homes! Don't forget to check out these plants over on Channel Nine's 'The Block' website so you can get some plant-decor inspo.


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