Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, celebrating your wedding day, or simply just hosting a family get together there is no better way to make your event stand out than by including greenery. After all – what goes better together than joyous occasions and greenery?

Sure, we all love fresh flowers on our table - but what about indoor plants? Indoor plants can add a fresh and unexpected look to your décor (oh and they will last well past any special occasion!). If you’re looking for indoor plants to use at your next event we suggest you read on for the perfect inspiration!


Flowering indoor plants is a new term for wedding décor, and it's an elegant way to create intimacy at your upcoming nuptials. Use them as table centrepieces or even hang them as installations above your tables or around your wedding venue - they'll look stunning! Try creating this intimacy with the Peace Lily Power Petite, Anthurium Plant and Snow Queen.


Looking to add some instant tropical jungle vibes to your birthday celebration? We have the list for you – think of the Bamboo Parlor Palm, Elephant Ears or the Monstera Deliciosa then add layers of smaller tropical plants! The more greenery the better. The perfect companions to complete your indoor jungle vibe are Philodendron Congo, Amate Umbrella and Alocasia Zebrina.


No matter how big or small the gathering is, the easiest way to add some life to the table is to add greenery. Just like you display your best chinaware for these dinners you will want to choose your best indoor plants to finish the table look. If you have a showstopper of an indoor plant, then pop this straight into the centre of your table – think of the Philodendron Silver Sword. Alternatively, pick an indoor plant and multiple it by 3. Try this with the Syngonium Pixie, Philodendron Birkin and Chinese Money Plant.


We all want to host the chicest Cocktail party! Think beyond just garnishing your chic cocktails by filling your party space with indoor plants. Using large indoor plants to fill your space will only require a few hero plants. We like to use the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Giant Bird of Paradise or Imperial Bromeliad to do this. Don’t forget the drinks cart – finish this off with a pop of colour. Pops of colour include Syngonium Neon, Peperomia Jelly Pink Edge or Burgundy Rubber Tree.


Having Sunday brunch at your house this weekend? Make a casual, relaxed brunch setup easy - it's all in the details! Complete your outdoor dining situation with the Birds Nest Fern on your outdoor table. This plant will add all the designer detail you need for your dining experience to be anything but casual!


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