What's not to love about cacti and succulents? They're intriguing, unique indoor plants that require little maintenance. If you are looking for an easy-care plant with the look of something more expensive (but without all their fussiness), there is no better option than creating an indoor cactus and succulent jungle at home.

Cacti are a fascinating and unusual group of plants that can be found all over the world. Most require relatively simple care and can also help reduce your drinking bill because they don't require much water to thrive in most environments. If you have a bright, sunny room, you can grow your cacti or succulents indoors!

Cacti and succulents are like no other indoor plants and so they need special care:

1. To prevent your cacti and succulents from drowning in a pool of water, always make sure that its soil has dried out between drinks! It's also important during wintertime when temperatures can be too chilly for most people - just give them an occasional watering every couple of weeks.

Child watering succulent indoor plants

2. To avoid plant murder, please avoid misting! We know this might seem very tempting but please don't do this because you then risk encouraging rot at his/her joints.

3. Cacti and succulents are typically very low maintenance, but if you want your plant to be happy then feed it! We recommend feeding them with our Indoor Plant Food during their growing season which runs from Spring through to Summer.

The Good Plant Co Indoor Plant Food at The Good Plant Co

4. Cacti and succulents can be slow growing and happy in their pots. If you see roots pushing out of the pot or if your plant has grown beyond what would be expected for its original pot size, then it's time to find a new home with some fresh soil. 

Succulent after repotting at The Good Plant Co

5. Good drainage is crucial to cacti and succulent care - we recommend using a good quality soil to repot with. PSA - try starting with a layer of gravel at the bottom of your pot then top up with our potting mix from our Repotting Kit.

The Good Plant Co Repotting Kit at The Good Plant Co

Stuck for ideas on where to start? Here are a few of our favourite Cacti and Succulents at the moment. San Pedro Cactus, Sansevieria Hahnii Green, Sansevieria Mother In Law's Tongue, Aloe Flow, Aloe Aristata, Indian Fig Cactus and Mistletoe Cactus (left to right).

San Pedro Cactus with Sanseveria Mother In Laws Tongue and Indian Fig Cactus at The Good Plant Co


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