Oooooh the spooky Spider Plant! Okay, it’s not even close to Halloween but we can dream! We're talking all things Chlorophytum Comosum (tongue twister, we know!) with these tips, for the only Spider you'll want to keep around!

Tip 1 - Water Moderately

The spider plant are tough little plants, so they are great for first time plant parents. When watering them, make sure you water them until their soil is moist, but not soggy. Soggy soil can lead to rotting roots = not a good thing. When watering, make sure they’re in a comfy spot that allows them to drain freely so your plant can enjoy their drink. 

Spider Plants in Pierre Terrazzo White Pots at The Good Plant Co

Tip 2 - Be Cool!

While the Spider Plant does enjoy some sun, much like their arachnid cousins, they enjoy the cooler, darker areas of your home. If possible, try to keep them in a cooler, temperate room that doesn't get blasted with that afternoon, Aussie sun!

Tip 3 - Grow Baby Grow

Spider Plants much like us, prefer to stay in their cozy humble abode but as they grow they eventually have to move home. When repotting your Spider Plant, make sure they are fully grown with their fleshy roots visible - check out our Potting Video here! Use our Bonsai Scissors to cut around the roots of the plant to ensure they are removed correctly and safely.   

Indoor Plant Collection at The Good Plant Co

Tip 4 - Keeping Your Plant Baby (s)

During the warmer months your Spider Plant can flower with baby spiderettes! Cute! So what do you do with your newborns? While they’re still attached to their mother plant, place the baby into their own container with lightweight, easily drainable soil. Let the baby get comfy on its own and then detach it from it’s mumma plant. Now your new spider baby has left the nest and ready to grow big and strong! Help your spider baby grow with one of our Grow Kits.

Spider Plant in Jardin Terrazzo Pot Grey on table at The Good Plant Co

Tip 5 - Time to put 'clean' into your routine

Okay so we know it’s hard to keep your living room clean, but your Spider Plant also loves a light bath every now and then! To keep those pointy fronds fresh, clean them once a week with a damp cloth to remove any dust, dirt or bugs. To keep your plant extra extra pristine use some of our Leaf Shine so their fronds stay shiny and nourished.  

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