Seasons change and so do your indoor plants needs! Don’t worry, we have you covered with the Top 5 tips and tricks for your plant this Spring.


First up, the most important must have for Spring is water! Yes, it’s an obvious tip, yet very important. Make sure your plant stays adequately hydrated. Read up on how much water your plant needs. Some only need a drop here and there but others can get thrangry (thirsty + angry).  Adjust your watering schedule to its' needs. A good tip is to take your plant outside or onto a surface that can get wet, so your plants can drain easily. Nobody wants soggy roots!  


Okay, so you follow all the plant Instagram pages and their plants always look so fresh, then you look over at yours and, well, it’s okay but it doesn’t have that WOW-factor. How do they achieve such shiny fronds? The secret is Neem Oil!

The cat, or oil per se, is out of the bag and it's a shiny superhero! Freshen up your leaves with our The Good Plant Co Leaf Shine.


The warmer weather isn’t the only indicator that Spring is here. Dress up your indoor plants in some fresh new pots! Our decorative pots are created from ethically sourced materials and make a great addition to your home. Pots aren’t your thing? Check out our handwoven macrame hangers. Perfect to enjoy a taste of the tropics in your bedroom.


Need to add some more plants to your growing collection? We love these warm weather lovers! Ficus Shivereana, Hurricane Fern and Lady Palm


The final must have for Spring is TLC! You may be pre-occupied over the next few months organising Christmas gifts (See our Friend Gift Guide here) or relaxing by the pool, but your plant-babies still need you! Have all your bases covered with one of our Grow Kits. It comes with all the plant essentials, so you can relax while knowing your plant is happy too.                                                                               


Make the most of plant season and let your garden (indoor or not) flourish. Shop all our plants here.


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