So, we see that you’re after some answers about what plant you should add to your collection next, maybe you have a large collection or maybe you can’t keep a plant alive. Well we’ve been in cahoots with the stars and we are presenting you with some answers. It’s time to make it more personal, we want to match your personality, living style and everything that makes you, to a plant that can match your energy. You can take our quiz which will tell you a few plants that you could consider, based on your star sign or read on to find out more about the perfect plant for you. 

Let's get started!




Hey there Aires. You are a passionate, motivated and confident leader who builds community with your cheerful disposition and determination, you are like your other fire signs friends (Leo and Sagittarius) - motivated and have a lot of emotions. So you need a plant who can listen to you vent at the end of a hard day and that can watch you conquer the word with your incredible business skills and this plant just has to be the Burgundy Rubber Tree. Being a dedicated and dependent plant, this makes it a perfect match for the Aires out there! 



Hi Taurus friends, you and your earth sign friends, Virgo and Capricorn are all super down to ‘earth’ but you are especially intelligent, dependable, hardworking, dedicated and of course, stubborn. All of these qualities make you the amazing person that you are and you need a plant that can give you everything that you give to it, and is just as stubborn. Look no further than the Ficus Shivereana, the Shiverena will add so much to any space you put it in and will present you with some unique leaves and will be pretty low maintenance. 



Gemini friend, you are known for being one of those people who have so much on their plate but is managing everything so well. You have so many different hobbies, friend groups and passions and you seem to have so much energy. This personality perfectly reflects the adaptive character and vibe that the Philodendron Birkin gives. The Philodendron Birkin is always adapting to its environment and is always giving off those good vibes that all Gemini's have.



Cancer plant parents are sentimental beings who lead with their heart before their head. Your traits are second to none, including being super caring, loyal and protective. No plant matches these traits better than the Monstera Deliciosa - it is the perfect addition to your collection, it will be you in plant form. You can watch the Monstera thrive alongside you, day to day. It just gives the best vibe - just like you. We know you’re a water sign but be careful not to overwater your plant fronds.



Hey there Leos. You are compassionate, driven, have strong natural leadership and generous of time. You’re a fire sign so your plant has to reflect your fiery nature, the Peperomia Red Edge is a reflection of everything that you are… it’s known for lowering formaldehyde levels in the air! It’s also reliable like you and is a low maintenance indoor plant, just leave it be and it’ll continue to give you a lovely red glow. 



Virgos are known for being humble, practical, kind, and sympathetic - what good qualities to have. Peace Lily’s radiate all things peace, and they also totally match the vibes of the Virgos out there, especially with how practical they are. Peace Lilys are known for being one of the best air purifying plants, we’d say that’s practical for sure. Peace Lilys are low maintenance and don’t like too much to drink, so make sure you don’t overwater them because they can drown easily. You'll be saying peace out to every other plant once you own one of these fronds. 



The Birds Nest Fern is a neat, compact and well balanced little plant, just like a Libra. As a libra, you provide the world around you with the best vibes and your best qualities are intelligence, frankness, persuasion, and seamless connectivity. You in  a plant is the Birds Nest Fern, these little guys love to look on the bright side and will thrive with any Libra looking after them, their leaves will grow nice and long in the perfectly balanced lifestyle that the Libra's have.



Scorpios are most well known for their determination and tough-mindedness, they are strong and some of the most courageous people out there. Once they put their mind to something you know it'll get done, and get done well. Along with these traits it makes perfect sense for the Scorpio’s plant to be the Raindrop Peperomia because they are a water sign… could there be a better match? The Raindrop Peperomia is a fighter and it will stick by you through thick and thin.



Sagittarius’ you guys are lovers of freedom, being optimistic and you are so so funny! You love to be spontaneous and fun and just go with the flow. That’s why the fiery, Anthurium Red is the perfect plant to add to your collection, its a bit exotic and it is so unique with its red flower. Your Anthurium will be your new best frond and you will be able to come home at the end of the day to a plant that is ready and waiting for some love, it has so much to give. 



Capricorns are driven, enthusiastic about life, and so hard working. The Hurricane fern might sound like it'll cause a Hurricane in your life but in reality its actually the complete opposite. This little fern is very serious about being as care free as possible, it's also a smart little plant that helps purify your air around you. If you want a plant that's fully in control of itself, just like a Capricorn, then the Hurricane Fern is the perfect plant for you.   



Aquarius’ are advanced, self-reliant, clever, exceptional, and optimistic all traits shared with the one and only Dragon Tail. This plant is fast growing (just like you) and will thrive in a sunny, bright room. It is also stubborn and resilient - so many similar traits to our beloved Aquarius’. Don’t forget that you need them with water, not fire. The Dragon Tail is the plant version of the Aquarius’ out there. 



Pisces is a sensitive water sign, this sign is fluid and tends to be the sympathetic to the underdog. But don't be fooled! this sign is great at forgiving and even better at comforting people. The String Of Dolphins may not be able to say nice things to you, but it will forgive you when you eventually forget to water it. The String of Dolphins is the underdog of all plants and is one not to be messed with - just like you. 

Your personality is so multifaceted and unique and we know that, so for a more comprehensive result take our quiz HERE.
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